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Solution and Great Product Mortgage Business Loan Office

Solution and Great Product Mortgage Business Loan Office, and Agents and ask them to refer some of their business to me I was horrified by how I was greeted. This is a complex loan and if it is not understood then the loan closing can be delayed. I am very passionate about this exciting program it is so very important that everyone involved with this loan should be educated. Real Estate Agents are not friendly and some I found very arrogant. The agents that were more arrogant than others would refer me a client and tell me they would give me more loans once I got that loan closed. The agent knew that could not get the loan closed because the client’s credit was so challenged that the borrower could not buy anything.
I felt stupid, used and I was really angry, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to find product learn it well so that the agents would come to me. The product that I found was the FHA Renovation Loan Program and I decided that I would learn everything there was to learn about the product, then the agents would seek me out. I originated FHA, Va and Conventional loans, my niche product was the FHA 203K renovation loan program. The program is not widely used because it is a complex loan and needs to be fully understood by the loan officer. Continue reading